"Goats in Aisle 9!"

Lynn Lorenz

A friend once sent me an email full of analogies and one, in particular, stuck with me.  It said:  

“Grocery shopping with a young child is like trying to control a wild goat that got loose in the vegetable aisle.”

I remember thinking if that is the case for one child, imagine what us parents of multiples go through to control more than one (aren’t “kids” baby goats?).

Let’s face it … grocery stores are not built for parents of multiples.  Their baby products tend to be more expensive and their carts were only built for one child. If you must go grocery shopping with more than one child, don’t go alone – unless you have quadruplets. I’m not kidding!

I knew a woman who shopped alone with her three-year-old daughter and six-month-old quadruplets! She put her older child in the seat of the shopping cart she pushed and then pulled the quad stroller behind her.  When I suggested she was a glutton for punishment, she disagreed and told me, “I’m actually a genius! Whenever I go grocery shopping everyone in the store offers to help!” Go figure.

Another reason I am not a fan of grocery stores - their diapers are expensive!  Unless you’re completely out of them and desperately using your kitchen dish towels, avoid buying diapers in grocery stores because it’s just not worth the expense … or the juggling. 

 Even if you are a champion Jenga player, by the time you stack all the diapers you will need into your cart, there will be no room left for your large bag of coffee and Double Stuffed Oreos.  So, when you do need to shop in grocery stores or wholesale clubs, do it without your twins either at night or on weekends when someone is available to stay with the “kids”.  And leave the goat herding to the professionals.  

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