Double Time Twins Schedule Book
Double Time Twins Schedule Book
Double Time Twins Schedule Book
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Double Time Twins Schedule Book

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Did you feed your twins a few hours ago...or your family pet? Can't remember if they are breast or bottle feeding? Did you just change their diapers...or the appointment with the pediatrician?


Keep track of feedings, diapering, medications, naps and other important information with these easy-to-use, daily schedules designed just for twins!

•Provides progress reports for the pediatrician
•Helpful for caretakers
•Useful for Dad's who want to be more involved
•Valuable for premature babies who need careful monitoring
•Gain a better understanding of your babies' behavior patterns, and what to expect
•Provides reassurance that your newborns are making progress
•Improve your own daily schedule by making use of the "To Do" and "Reminders" sections
•Spiral bound for easy use
•Keep track of all babies on ONE daily sheet of paper
•You fill in the time - this is designed for your twins schedules, not someone elses!
•An absolute MUST HAVE for new parents of twins!

Spiral-bound, 96 pages
Reinforced cover

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