About Us

The birth of Twoborn™ took much longer than 9 months  ... 15 years to be exact. It began when Lynn Lorenz, identical twin, and proud mother of triplets quickly realized the frustration of finding coordinating clothing for her children. And she wasn't alone. Members of her Moms of Multiples organization expressed the same concern.  The solution? In 2002, Lynn created Just Multiples, an online baby boutique offering a variety of clothing and products for families with multiples.  After many years of working closely with families of twins, it was clear the burning question most parents had was ... TO MATCH or NOT TO MATCH?
While some really enjoyed the novelty of matching their babies in the same outfits others preferred dressing them differently to identify their individuality.  But what if you wanted to do both? Twoborn™ solves the problem of dressing twins by creating clothing that celebrates their connection while expressing each child's individuality. Each outfit is harmonious but unique. Related but original. Alike but different. 
Welcome to Twoborn™!
Lynn Lorenz, Founder 
Identical Twin, Mom of Triplets and a Singleton