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Twins Book - The Multiples Manual

Twins Book - The Multiples Manual

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The Multiples Manual is a "need-to-know" resource written with the expectant mother of multiples in mind. It includes 1,002 tips that are guaranteed to simplify life, save time, and even save money.

A perfect twin baby shower gift for an expectant mother multiples!

• Written by Lynn Lorenz
• Paperback, 287 pages

Author Lynn Lorenz is an identical twin herself, and the mother of triplets and a singleton. She's an accountant by profession, and developed this wonderful handbook in her spare time to help to simplify life for other parents when they're expecting twins or triplets, and after they have their babies. Loaded with tips, she tells you all the things you need to plan for and think about ... everything from the perfect shower gifts (and what to steer clear of), breastfeeding issues, safety-proofing your house, sleeping peacefully through the night, and more!
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